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Duygu and Serhat DAS bira Team

Meet the Team!

DAS Bira's dynamic duo, Duygu and Serhat, bring their passion for craft brewing to life. Both graduates of German and Austrian-style schools, Serhat pursued Electrical Engineering at Yıldız Technical University, while Duygu completed her master's in Management Information Systems at Boğaziçi University after studying at Marmara University.

Their brewing journey began in 2014 as a hobby, leading to a fascination with diverse beer styles. With a solid educational foundation and enriched by international insights, they officially founded DAS in 2018. After relocating from Istanbul to Büyükkarıştıran, they established their workshop in Lüleburgaz.

In July 2021, Das Dies'ale marked their debut in the Turkish craft beer scene. Since then, DAS Bira is dedicated to delivering top-notch quality brews, a testament to their unwavering commitment to the craft.

Listen to our story in this craft beer podcast series,

by Sanayi 1-A, thank you for the opportunity!

(It's in Turkish)

Our Brewery

Located in Büyükkarıştıran, at the heart of Thrace and near Istanbul, our brewery combines ideal living conditions, proximity to Istanbul, and a central location between Çorlu and Lüleburgaz. Positioned in an industrial site, it's perfect for our brewery, located in the same site with many boutique wine producers.

As a dedicated team, we manage all aspects from production to distribution. While distribution limits our presence in the brewery, our personal engagement with sales points ensures quality control. We make sure each and every beer you experience is in perfect condition and fresh. Connect with us as we craft exceptional beers in Büyükkarıştıran.

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