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Craft Brewery, Lüleburgaz Turkey.

DAS bira is a nano-brewery, brewing handcrafted delicious beers in Turkey.


What is DAS bira?



Dasbira is the story of a couple who started home brewing in 2014, dedicated their lives to beer and established their dream nano-brewery after saving the capital needed. We have read books and been to many breweries abroad and decided that this is what we need to do in life.

We have estabished our brewery back in 2018 and it took us 3.5 years to accomplish all necessary permissions. We finally started selling by the mid 2021, leaving our corporate lives behind and moving to a small town from Istanbul.

Our name has a funny story from the times when we used to be homebrewers. "DAS" is the initials of Duygu, Animal (Muppet Show) and Serhat, and "bira" means beer in Turkish.  Animal was our mascot, back in time when we used to brew at home. We used to go everywhere with him and take pictures together. We still have his passive presence on board!

The best ingredients meeting the right formula creates a party in the mouth. We also love to party. We aim for the best possible experience.


Our DAS Beers


Das Dies'ale,  is an amber ale, malty, with the notes of caramel and toasted bread, with a medium body, light amber color, good head retention. Brewed by a former homebrewer. 

Our brewery is located in a small town called Büyükkarıştıran, near Lüleburgaz. We do not use filtration or pasteurization. The beer rests for 6 weeks before being bottled, after the completion of fermentation. 

Das Dies'ale is an amber ale, inspired from the diesel power, will give you the good wibes and energy you need to take your day to another level!

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Das Dies'Dos is a Dark Lager. An easy-drinking, dark, aromatic, handmade lager. This beer has only been produced in March 2022, for only one batch. It was loved, so we are considering re-making this beer next year.

This dark brown-toned beer is fermented at low temperatures with lager yeast. This beer has rested at zero degrees for two months before being bottled. Pasteurization and filtering were not done. ​

You will encounter the aromas of coffee, tofee and chocolate from the dark, roasted caramel and chocolate noted by the delicious crystal malts we use.

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The new beer has finally arrived! This beer will be in continuous production. As always, an easy-drinking, balanced, aromatic, handmade blonde ale. We are so excited!

The name Bagaj Degaj Bon Voyaj is actually a funny phrase in Turkish, meaning going on a holiday!

A light-colored, well-balanced beer with plenty of hops, aromatic yet comfortable drinking and well-balanced beer. We have used dry-hopping technique for this beer. We have formulated, calculated, boiled, bottled, labeled and boxed for you. Cheers!

Meditation in Forest


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Our Brewery.

We are in the north-west of Turkey, a city called Kırklareli, a town called Lüleburgaz. We brew in an industrial area, next to wine makers. You can always come and visit us! You are more than welcome!