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Das Dies'ale

DAS Dies'ale, Strong Amber Ale.

Das Dies'ale, a crafted Amber Ale, presents a rich malt profile with balanced caramel notes and a touch of floral hops bitterness, boasting 6.6% alcohol. Aged for six weeks in cold tanks, it settles naturally, bottled and kegged without external additives. This artisanal beer, free from pasteurization and filtration, reflects craftsmanship in both body and content.

The name Das Dies'ale is a playful nod to Diesel fuel, pronounced Das Dizel in Turkish. With high alcohol content and 33 cl bottles, it embodies the "less is more" motto. Blending DAS from Das Bira and ALE for beer type, it becomes Dies'ale (DAS DİZEL). :=)

Give this one a try and let us know what you think!


Bagaj Degaj Bon Voyaj, Hoppy Blonde Ale.

Bagaj Degaj Bon Voyaj, a consistent favorite, offers a refreshing Blonde Ale experience with citrusy and floral notes. Blonde colored, 5.5% alcohol by volume. Aged naturally for four weeks, this handcrafted beer, clear and light yellow, reflects its natural form without pasteurization or filtration. Crafted for those who prefer a lighter, hoppy beer, it's a sweet reminder of happy moments and travels, aiming to become a favorite for all.

DAS Dies' Dos, Czech Style Dark Lager.

Das Dies'Dos, a unique 2022 Czech-style dark lager, crafted with patience and love... A deep coffee shade, fermented with lager yeast at low temperatures and rested for two months at zero degrees. Named after MS-Dos, it evokes nostalgia, offering a classic yet uniquely enjoyable beer. Das Dies'dos, a crafted beer with significant dates on the label – did you notice this detail?


Primitif Red IPA.

Primitif RED IPA, a collaboration with Chef Burak Zafer Sırmaçekici and Primitif Birahane team. A malt-forward Red IPA with dark amber hue and aromas of pine, plum, and rich fruits. Recognized in Gusto Mehmet Yalçın's top 10 drinks of 2023.

This is a proud brewery beer! Give it a try and get obsessed!

Primitif Red IPA – exclusively at Primitif Birahane.

Old Queen Barling, Barleywine.

Discover Turkey's premier craft barleywine-style beer – Old Queen Barling, meticulously handcrafted at DAS bira Brewery. This limited edition brew offers a rich, full-bodied experience with a high alcohol content, all without additional sugars. Sealed with wax, each bottle preserves the exceptional quality derived from the finest barley malt, hops, yeast, and water.

Old Queen Barling boasts a stunning amber hue with ruby-red undertones, delivering a complex aroma, velvety texture, and unique flavor profile featuring caramel, jam-like notes, and a balanced bitter finish with dry fruit aromas – perfect for winter indulgence.

Enhance your tasting experience:

- Opt for a wine glass to capture the best aroma and taste.
- Sip at the ideal temperature of 9-12°C for nuanced flavors.
- Being unfiltered, sediment may be present; leave it in the bottle for clarity.

Explore our craft beers, exclusive sales locations, and the unique story of DAS Beer on our website. Cheers to an exceptional journey of taste and craftsmanship!

Old Queen Barling
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